7 Quick Takes

— 1 —

It’s been too long since I’ve updated this old space… I’ve been meaning to quite a bit lately, but I haven’t felt like any of the random things I could think of to write were worthy of a post. So instead, I thought maybe I could come up with seven random things that could link up to the Quick Takes links lots of blogs do. Here it goes!

— 2 —

Most of the last few weekends have been pretty packed with all kinds of home improvement projects. We’d wanted to add some color to the living room for a while (it was all white with beige carpet and brown couches…), so we finally picked a green shade and took it on during one of our last snow days in late February. Once we painted that wall, it was obvious how badly the trim needed to be done. Of course we couldn’t stop at the trim on that wall, so we redid most of the house. We loved the green color on one wall, so we also painted the stairs wall. Then we painted another coat on the bathroom (we had used an eggshell paint leftover from the dining room a year ago and learned the hard way that bathroom walls need a gloss paint to handle the steam). We’re taking a break this weekend then eventually going to repaint some of the white walls in the living room, and eventually the ceiling.

— 3 —

Luther's Adoption Day

On top of the painting projects, this little guy has required that we also work on a fence extension project. Luther learned two months into living here that he could indeed clear our 4-foot fence pretty easily. Once he learned, he jumped nonstop, with no reason at all and even if we were standing right out there watching him. We spent one weekend attaching two feet of chicken wire to the top, which worked for about two weeks before he found a hole. Last weekend we bought more chicken wire still, and we’re hoping we’ve solved the problem. It’s really strange when he goes out there just desperate to hope the fence. He loves it here, loves us, loves Indie, but he still tries to leave. Luckily, he’s always come back easily so far. We even learned when we were repairing the fence for the second time that the neighbors had seen him hop the fence the day before while we were at work, but he proceeded to jump back in. Anyway, hopefully we’ve finally found a hole-proof solution.

— 4 —

Puss in Boots Collage

Luther’s very clever, though, and he balances his antics of fence-jumping and trash-digging with cuteness. I’m pretty sure he learned from Puss in Boots in Shrek. He can be running around being wild, then if you sit on the couch, he’s immediately in your lap snuggling as closely as he can, staring at you in admiration. He’s pretty much a cat.

— 5 —

I planted some lettuce seeds last weekend to get a head start on the gardening season. It was 75 or so last weekend. Wednesday night we were woken throughout the night with pouring rain and thunder. Water was rushing down the street by the time we left for work the next day, and there was flooding throughout the state. Anyway, as I kept waking up with the thunder, all I could think of was my tiny lettuce seeds being washed away. Between the super heavy rain and two black dogs obsessed with that part of the garden, it will be a miracle if they ever sprout.

— 6 —

Indie and Luther 2014 (3)

With the fence-jumping, barking at the neighbors, and a few other issues escalating, the time had come for obedience school. We opted to take both dogs to a private lesson with the same place Indie went to for obedience school (Doggie Do Right–highly recommend them). We wanted to talk about a few issues with how they’re interacting together, and both of them already know most of the commands that would be taught in a traditional class, so it was a better deal for us to do a private lesson. We got lots of answers for how to work on some of our issues. Mainly, the dog-sledding behavior every time we go for a walk is coming to an end! Indie has never been able to walk without pulling, and we thought he was the worst until we got Luther. We’ve tried various non-pull harnesses, and Indie just freaks out to the point that he’ll hardly move wearing them, and they don’t slow Luther down a bit. Doggie Do Right suggested that we walk them until they pull on the leash, then turn and go in the opposite direction. Keep doing that until they can walk straight. We’ve worked three days on it, and they’ve both improved incredibly. The neighbors within a two house radius on both sides must think we’re nuts, but we’re slowly making it further and further. Only thing is my arm muscles might deteriorate without having to withstand their pulling so much!

— 7 —

I only devoted three out of seven parts of this post to the dogs, so that must mean I’m not officially a crazy dog lady. In other news, we’ve seen two awesome movies lately. Last week was the Muppets, which is one of my all-time favorites. I think the first of the reboot was better (one of my very favorite movies), but this one was still highly entertaining. Love the humor of the Muppets, and I’ll never outgrow that. Thursday we went to see the new Captain America. I thought it was really good. Everyone else thought it was the best superhero movie ever. I wouldn’t ever say anything so bold in case I offended Jeff and Batman, but turns out Jeff thought it was the best too! (He says Dark Knight isn’t a superhero movie…whatever.) Anyway, highly recommend both movies!

Hope to be back around this place before another two months is up!

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