20 Minute Mug Rug

I don’t think I truly understood condensation before I experienced a Midwest summer. Sure, coasters are great to prevent rings on wood furniture, but it was never a huge deal. But in these humid summers, it only takes a couple minutes for a glass of water to have a pool of water underneath it. Solid coasters don’t help much either since the pool just gathers on top of the surface and spills off. 

I finally understood the purpose of a mug rug. Luckily I have countless options of scraps to use up for things like this (if only I had need for more mug rugs!). 

I made mine four inches square. Just big enough to house either a mug or glass, but not so large to be obtrusive. This little guy will find a home on by desk at work, saving the pooling condensation from spilling all over my papers. 

I just made up the design myself, adding a 1/4″ seam allowance (so each of my lines were 1.5″) all around. There are thousands of mug rug patterns out there on the world wide web, but I wanted something basic and bold.  

I used a backing that didn’t necessarily match the front since they would  never be seen together. Plus, I may want to change it up and use the back every once in a while. 

A simple little mug rug, not perfect, nothing fancy. But perfect for catching drips!



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