A Year

Hard to believe it’s already been a year since I’ve been married to this guy. Here are some of the highlights:

ImageStarted out pretty well 🙂

ImageBest honeymoon ever in Cancun









We hadn’t been back from our honeymoon for a week before we got this cute guy. He’s a great dog who makes us happy every day. Don’t let the innocence fool you, though. He acts out picture #2 much more than #1.


Fall was home improvement time. Yes, that’s wallpaper on the ceiling. There’s now not a trace of wallpaper in the house. Yay!


Had a great Christmas with the family in Oregon. We met a giant sea otter at the coast who turned Jeff into a unicorn.


Got snowed in for what seemed like the entire winter. It was super awesome according to Indie because his humans were home more and he got to chase snowballs.

Apparently didn’t take many photos during the spring. There were happy times then too!

8.27.13 Denali (15)And just got back from a great trip to Alaska. It was for another friend’s wedding, but it coincided as a nice celebration of one year for us.

Here’s to an awesome year and many more!

8.24.13 Shannon's Wedding (4)

Still crazy after all these year.


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